10 Things I Learned This Fall


1. I used to plan my kids’ birthday parties, but now they plan mine. It’s part of the wonder of having adult children and I love it so much. They gave me a birthday breakfast party with the original six. All around the table they went, saying what they appreciated about me. The verse, “Her children arise and call her blessed” kept going through my mind. This was the highlight of my autumn.

2. Legos are still awesome. I spent a week sorting out the gazillions of small plastic bits and pieces in September. (Read about it here.) Then, in October, I played with them. I impressed my four year old grands by building a car according to plans that were in the Lego Plans notebook. All the pieces were easily found because they were all sorted so nicely. It was the most satisfying feeling! When I am old and living in a retirement center, don’t bring me jigsaw puzzles or coloring books. Just bring me Legos.


3. I still need lullabies. After hearing Christy Nockels lead worship at the Abundance Conference, her CD “Be Held: Lullabies for the Beloved” has been on repeat. The songs are a balm to my soul.

4. I miss Aaron Rodgers. It’s too bad that a Vikings player had to slam #12’s collarbone to the ground and ruin the Packers’ season. Having the star QB out sure has exposed weaknesses in the team. That’s the danger of depending on one strong leader to carry everybody else. It doesn’t work on or off the gridiron.

5. I had leftover pizza for lunch on Thanksgiving Day. That was weird. On Saturday, 37 people came for dinner. That was more like it. Even if we host the big family gathering on the weekend again next year, I’ve got to have somebody over to eat leftovers and watch the parade with me on Thursday.

6. We found our new show. This is the time of year PB and I look for a TV series as we hunker down by the roaring fireplace. “A Chef’s Life” (PBS) was mentioned on a podcast I listened to and we are hooked. Episodes are only 24 minutes, so it’s not a huge time commitment. I really like Vivian. Ben needs some work. But we’re only on season 2.

7. Fall has my favorite smells. Every season has it’s own distinct scents and sounds, but it’s hard to beat pumpkin candles, wood smoke and turkey on the grill. The best sound of fall is the crunch of leaves on a woodsy trail.


8. Quote of the month: “The number one thing that has to be cultivated, fought for, protected, defended, is your union with God. Not just your faith in Him, although that’s important. Not just your belief in Him, although that’s crucial. But your actual vine-and-branch union with God.” John Eldredge

9. It takes 15 minutes to read the entire book of Philippians, but it’s taking us 15 weeks to dig deep into Paul’s letter. I’m sure I could keep going for 15 years and still find treasure there. “Don’t worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything.” (Phil. 4:6) Is it really possible to not worry about anything? Is it possible to pray about everything? Isn’t it worth a try?

10. I didn’t do Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday or Giving Tuesday. I may or may not have taken part in Sofa Sunday. After church, of course.

hello winter

6 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned This Fall

  1. What can I say? Your words make me think, make me re-calibrate (Philippians) and make me laugh (Sofa Sunday). I am going to start praying about everything! Bless your heart and your family, Dinah.

  2. I find myself reading bits and pieces of your blog to my guys. Gabe thinks someone who wants Legos in retirement rocks! And though I love the depth of your thoughts and words, I could seriously relate to sofa Sunday. 🤣

    • I couldn’t think of a 10th thing, so I threw that one on there! i guess there really is such a thing as Sofa Sunday — I didn’t make that up! (At least it said so on the internet…..)

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