Thankful for You

Thank you for reading my blog.

There are more than 440 million blogs out there.
On WordPress alone, there are 76.3 million posts published every month.
More than 409 million people view 22.3 billion blog pages each month.*

A handful of you find it in your heart to come here and read my small drop.

I know I’m small potatoes.

I don’t have hundreds of followers.

I don’t make any money with this blog or sell anything here.

I have no visions of grandeur or desire for fame or fortune.

But thanks.

I really appreciate you.


*Data from

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4 thoughts on “Thankful for You

  1. I did not know you did not have millions of readers! I am the lucky one to read and know your mind! Thank you for sharing, inspiring, loving us all with your writings! Carry on!

  2. In a teeny tiny itsy bitsy way this thanks feels a little teeny tiny bit like Jesus saying thanks-for-following-me (not trying to be sacrilegious here).

    I appreciate you and appreciate that you share bits of your heart and walk and moments. You continue to add depth and sparkle to my days.


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