The Crowd

“Who do the crowds say I am?” Luke 9:18

Five thousand people were talking. News was out that five little loaves of bread and two measly fish somehow multiplied into dinner for a multitude.


The throng was trying to figure out who Jesus was. And they were struggling.

  • John the Baptist, come back to life? Wrong.
  • Elijah, come back to life? Wrong.
  • One of the other Old Testament prophets, come back to life? Wrong.

The crowd was easily confused.

The word “crowd” is found 38 times in the Gospel of Luke. Jesus taught the crowd, He healed the crowd, He fed the crowd, He told the crowd stories, He answered questions from the crowd. And then the crowd disappeared, only to show up later, shouting, “Crucify him!” That’s the crowd for you.

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Luke 9:20

Ah. Now there’s the question.

Step away from the rabble and the opinions and the ego-centric philosophies.

Don’t put too much stock in National Geographic’s “The Story of God” or Amazon Video’s “Who Was Jesus?” or  Oprah’s “Belief” series.

Be careful when dabbling with “religions” that were founded in 1965 by a guy named Bob.

The crowd is confused.


What about you? Who do you think Jesus is?

It’s the most important question you’ll ever answer.

3 thoughts on “The Crowd

  1. Dear Dinah, I always look forward to your small drops of ink. A while back I was going to suggest that you could incorporate all of your “Small drops of ink” in book form….until you told us what a person has to go through to have their books published. Then I decided to enjoy your “drops of ink as you publish them in your ‘blog’. Am sure that many people are blessed by reading them as I am. Love, Jan K

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