Seeing Stars — Day 2

“We have seen his star…..”  Matthew 2:2


I grew up on a farm, away from city street lights. On a clear night, the sky full of twinkling stars was a wonder to me. I’ve lived my adult life in cities or small towns and haven’t considered the work of His hands in the heavens very often. Recently, I had a chance to look up and take in the splendor of a starry sky and was awe-struck once more.

Of all the ways God could have guided those wise men to the baby in the manger, He chose a star. Not angels. Not a prophecy rolled up in a scroll. Not a voice in a dream. One star.

Only those looking toward the heavens would find their way to the Savior.

I find that to be true for me as well. When I keep my eyes down, focusing on this world and all of its brokenness, I can easily become discouraged. When I look to earthly promises of satisfaction, I am consistently disappointed. When I follow the cultural crowd, I get disoriented and feel lost.

“Look up!” my soul reminds me.


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