See these nice sturdy cement block walls?


They are built to last.

See these durable ceiling tiles?


They are firmly fixed in place.


And outlets?  How many outlets does one building wing need?


Back in 1965, nobody was thinking about wireless internet connections.

The word “internet” didn’t even make the dictionary until twenty years later.


Today, a nice young man came to look things over and help us set up Wi-Fi.

He spent two and a half hours walking around, taking pictures and jotting down notes.  Pages and pages of notes.

Bless him.  He’s got his work cut out.

I’m sure glad the Spirit of God isn’t hindered by brick walls or immovable tiles.  I’m so relieved I don’t need wires or ethernets or modems or routers.

I just need to say, “Abba, Father.”


One thought on “Connected

  1. Love this post! God has been into wireless long before we had a clue. And His connection is never “down” or in need of repair or too slow or full of ads for stuff I don’t need. His connection is so much more dependable and user friendly, with no funky passwords that I forget….

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