The Village Booksmith

In honor of the first National Independent Bookstore Day on May 2nd, I’d like to show off my hometown’s very own, one-of-a-kind, Village Booksmith.


 There are nooks and crannies and soft seats….and books!


 Every bookstore needs a furry friend to make it feel homey.


This is my favorite corner.  I think good thoughts when I sit here.


This is my go-to shelf.  Wait.  “The Wealthy Writer”?  That must belong in the fiction area.


Sometimes people stop in and tickle the ivories.


Books are stacked, shelved, and piled.  I could lose myself in this place for weeks.


Where else could you read books on agriculture while sitting in a chair like this?


 I’m so lucky to live down the street from this special place.


Thanks Annie!  Happy National Independent Bookstore Day!

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