Starting Five

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos of my grands.  I’m still amazed that five grandchildren have graced my life in the past two and a half years.  Since I have writer’s block and can’t think of anything to say, I will default to my little team of kiddos.  There’s always something to say about them.

Here’s my starting five line-up:

Hudson, AKA Hud Bud.


He is our starting center, because, well, he started it all and he’s used to being in the center.

Strengths: Tall, most experienced, smart and in-charge.

Needs to work on: Passing the ball and not beating up on teammates.

Elijah, AKA Eli.


This guy is our power forward.  Don’t get in his way.

Strengths: Size, strength and having his own personal gym.

Needs to work on: Not crying when he gets fouled.

Eleanor, AKA Ella.


This little lady is a force on the court.

Strengths: Enthusiasm, spirit, and determination.

Needs to work on: Control.  And how to dribble while holding three purses.

Charlie, AKA Charlie-boy.


He’s our speedy point guard.

Strengths: Quickness, especially if there is a dog nearby.  And well-defined muscles.

Needs to work on: Being a little more aggressive.  In a nice way.

And last but not least, Evie, AKA Evie-girl.


She rounds out the team by being the other guard, but she’s secretly holding out to be replaced so she can become head cheerleader.

Strengths: Always looks good on the court.

Needs to work on: Lowering the decibel of her screams.

There you have it, folks.

It looks like a good season.

Opa and Nonnie are cheering them on!

4 thoughts on “Starting Five

  1. Oh, Dinah! Thanks for sharing. How beautiful to see all your children in those little faces…and life continues…You are always an inspiration to me. Thank you for being so visible and viable. Your family is so lucky to have you! Much affection and love.

  2. How great to see each precious one and love the commentary. It has been a fast and wonderful 2 1/2 years and watching them grow is such a joy – there is so much more to come.

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