Getting It

PB and I got outta town for a few days last week.  I haven’t had a chance to jot down anything since returning home, so I was thrilled when my sister, Robin, sent me this piece.  Here is my first ever guest post on small drop!  Thanks, dear sister, for sharing your story.  We sound a little bit alike!  Enjoy everybody!

jokesOur oldest grandchild just turned nine years old, an age of truly understanding and enjoying a good joke.  He especially likes jokes that use play on words, or words with double meanings.  He went through the stage of making up his own jokes (that weren’t really funny).  We would all laugh because he laughed, not because the joke was particularly humorous.

But now, he delights in telling a good joke.  With great anticipation, he sets the stage and draws us in with a knock-knock joke or a loaded question.  He watches us with knowing eyes as we try to figure out the punch line.  Of course, we have incorrect answers or no answers at all.  Then, with excitement in his voice, he delivers the punch line.  His blue eyes sparkle, his entire face lights up in a big smile, and he laughs joyfully, saying, “Get it?!  Get it?!”  Then, on we go to the next joke or question, repeating the process again and again, always ending with “Get it?! Get it?!”  Such genuine joy is rare.

Perhaps God uses the same methods with us.  He tells us a story — a parable — maybe with a play on words or double meanings.  Then, with great anticipation, He delivers the punch line, hoping we grasp the meaning.

Do you suppose He says to us with great delight, “Get it?!  Get it?!”

“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.”  Mark 4:23


One thought on “Getting It

  1. Yay, Mom! Read a condensed version to Logan and he enjoyed being written about. He said it was funny! 🙂 (Replied on Facebook but realized Mom’s not on there!)

    I kind of feel like maybe He’s asking me this sometimes, too…”Did you get that sign? How about this one?!”

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