Forbidden Fruit (Loops)

fruit loopsAnd the Mother took the Toddler and put him in the Kitchen of Nonnie to explore and discover.  The Toddler played happily in the tupperware cupboard and the utensil drawer for many hours.  Then the Mother commanded the Toddler, saying, “You are free to play in any cupboard in the kitchen; but you must not play in the cereal cupboard, because you will surely dump out the boxes onto the floor and get your first taste of sweetened cereal which the Nonnie never bought her children when they were growing up.”  But the Toddler saw that the boxes in the cupboard were pleasing to the eye and desirable to taste, so he opened the door over and over and over.  Thus, the Mother had to repeat, “No, no” over and over and over.

The Nonnie stood back and marveled.  Making a law forbidding the cereal cupboard was an excellent idea.  What happened, though, was that sin found a way to pervert the command into a temptation, making it a piece of “forbidden” fruit (loops). (Romans 7:8, The Message)

Even a one-year-old can demonstrate biblical truth straight out of Romans 7.

4 thoughts on “Forbidden Fruit (Loops)

  1. What a wonderful parable……and so clearly demonstrated that even a child can underst……oh!

    As a fellow-Nonnie, I can especially relate to the statement …….”which the Nonnie never bought HER children when they were growing up.” I was very recently reminded that our cereal cupboard looks much different than it did when our children were little…..

    How quickly things unwanted or even unnoticed become the intense focus of our desire when we are denied those very things.

  2. Tee hee…yes, your cupboard does look much different now. Hmmm…Corn Pops and Trix instead of corn flakes and shredded wheat. 🙂 I try to strike a balance: Multi Grain Cheerios and Cap’n Crunch Berries (only when it’s on sale). Love this “parable,” Dinah!

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