Glory Days

It’s been a glorious two weeks.

For a window of time, all the kids were home along with spouses, fiance and grands.

Counting PB and me, that makes thirteen…and counting.

Two more babes will join the tribe this year.

Here are some lessons from the past two weeks:

Keep looking out for each other.

E and E

You can never have too many bubbles.


If you just keep sucking it up, something good will happen.


Chocolate chip cookies are best at Nonnie’s house.


Make sure you get a little sunshine every day.


Things aren’t scary when someone big is holding you.


It doesn’t matter if you have a booger hanging out of your nose as long as you’re happy.


Double chins are cute.

Eli napping

Don’t under-estimate the power of a good nap.

Ella napping

These are the Glory Days.

Best Fam

14 thoughts on “Glory Days

  1. Everyone home? Astonishing. And so indicative of the difference in seasons — Sometimes I’m the most thrilled when mine find something ELSE to do than to be underfoot! 🙂

    • Haha! I remember those days! It’s weird cleaning the house to get ready for kids to come home. They used to clean the house for me….. You are in some glory days right now, too!

  2. Just what my day needed: an update of the Overlien family!!!!WOW
    Thanks for sharing. Pictures make everything REAL!!

  3. Wow, that was an amazing blog. I was hoping to see a family photo as saw you taking them when left church – thanks so much!!!So much packed into 2 weeks it had to be tiring but thrilling to have them all home. How blessed you are – this is only the beginning. Enjoy

  4. What a wonderful family! How much your family has changed in such a short time. Julia was just saying she remembered Anna, when you first came, being her age. Wow! How blessed you are.

  5. Great pictures of the family and the little ones–it’s so much fun when all can be together–thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. I enjoyed your pictures and captions. When I got to the family picture, it took me a minute to identify everyone. There was a third sister in the picture and I thought I remembered only 2 girls. Then I realized the third sister is MOM! Dinah, you look wonderful. So happy for you and your growing family. Hugs from up north.

  7. Life’s simple lessons captured in adorable and beautiful photos of children. You have a beautiful family and are richly blessed! Thank you for sharing.

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