Holy Week

There I was, thinking about how it’s already Holy Week…..

and I hadn’t even given it much thought.

I hadn’t contemplated the bread and the wine….

I hadn’t kept watch in the garden….

I hadn’t walked the Via Dolorosa.

There I was, thinking that Easter was creeping up on me

and that I might miss it this year.

I was wrong.

I have been experiencing Easter Life to the full.

Here I am, witness to life bursting forth from the dark womb.

Here I am, staying awake into the night to watch and pray.

Here I am, washing the feet of my daughter, serving her needs.

Here I am, holding in my very hands life — downy soft, sweet smelling life.

Indeed, this has been the holiest of Holy Weeks.


4 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. God Bless you Dinah and your wonderful family!
    (PS – Your God inspired words have a blessed way of lifting up the soul. – thank you.)

  2. What a meditation! Thank you so much for your inspired words and the pictures of those beautiful lives! We can’t wash our own feet… Jesus can. Come and be washed by Him.

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