Welcome Home


Eli and Ella weren’t impressed with their welcome home sign.

In fact, they didn’t even blink an eye.

Tucked inside their cozy car seats, they slept through the whole thing.

But coming home for the first time is a big event and needs to be celebrated.

So while the babies slept, Mommy and Daddy and Nonnie rejoiced…….

…..and took a nap.

Best party ever.

3 thoughts on “Welcome Home

  1. I was amazed to hear those beautiful babes are home!!!I wish I were closer as woule love to take one of the feeding shifts – sleep when you can and love to everyone. Good work Anna and Dan,

  2. Glad you are all home–I think your sign looks wonderful–make sure you take a picture of it–and in a few years they will see how nonnie welcome them home!!! 🙂

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