10 Things I Don’t Miss

In the spirit of the post “10 Things I Miss” (June 12,2012) here are 10 things I don’t miss, in no particular order:

1.  Dating.  I’m so glad that’s over.  It’s nice to know I can go out (or stay in) any time I want with the best guy ever.

2.  Homework.  After a busy day, sitting down to help my kids face a night of homework was sometimes overwhelming.  One kid cried over her math book regularly.  Another kid had a habit of leaving 10 page papers until the night before they were due.  Stressful stuff.

3.  Ice and snow.  Give me a hot summer day anytime.  I remember one family vacation (before air-conditioned cars) when my mother charged us a quarter if we dared to complain about the heat.  We’re from Wisconsin, remember.

4.  Rotary phones, pay phones and long distance phone bills.  I am consistently amazed at how cell phones changed life.

5.  Pantyhose.  My cousin wore stockings one day and her grandkids, who had never seen nylons, asked her why her legs looked like they were plastic. 

6.  Staying up late at night.  I love crawling into bed early with a book.  And PB.

7.  The American League.  I’m glad the Brewers left the AL for the NL.  DHs are chubby old guys.  Pitchers should bat.

8.  Detasseling. It was my summer job on the farm, rain or shine, in the heat and humidity. I had a great tan from the waist up, though.

9.   Trying to be perfect. I gave up perfectionism and have been much happier ever since.

Just to prove that #9 is indeed true, I will leave this list incomplete.  Actually, I can’t think of another thing I don’t miss.  Maybe you can help round out the list — offer a suggestion!


7 thoughts on “10 Things I Don’t Miss

  1. Okay, I know what the AL and NL are. But DH? Pitchers’ don’t bat??
    I miss having my sisters in the next bedroom. Or even in the same state!

    • The DH is the Designated Hitter. The DH doesn’t play a position in the field, but bats for the pitcher. The American League uses the DH, but the National League doesn’t, so AL pitchers never get to hit. Here ends the baseball lesson!

  2. 10. Riding the school bus. I went on a field trip with my grandson recently. Part of the deal was to ride the school bus. I acted excited about getting to ride the school bus, but I was secretly happy that it was only for this one time.

    And for good measure….
    11. Reporting to work for a large company every morning — enough said.

    • So you aren’t up for another field trip on the bus, Mom?! Can’t imagine why. I definitely don’t miss riding the bus either.

      • And it should be noted that you could opt out of riding the bus, but Grandma was such a good sport, she decided not to!

  3. Definitely agree with numbers 7 and 8. Was just talking to Dad about detasseling. Despite the long, hot, dirty days, cuts from the corn leaves, bug bites, and all, I do have some kind of fond memories of those summers. Interesting conversations out there in the fields…

  4. Grew up Catholic. Don’t miss going to daily Mass 1st thru 8th grade before school started every day. Love my Sunday service with PB but Mass everyday became monotonous!

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