PB and I took a few days off last week.  We decided to drive north until the temperature was below 100 degrees.  It proved to be a long drive, but a lovely time away together.  PB is a great travel partner.  He does all the driving and lets me read out loud to him. 

Going on vacation is like jumping off a twirling merry-go-round.  Suddenly the spinning gives way to stillness with open space and time.  It’s dangerous — you begin to entertain thoughts about what life would be like without the constant whirl of work and responsibilities.  You flirt with the idea of moving to a little cabin on a northern lake and writing the next great American novel.  It makes perfect sense at the time — it only seems ludicrous in retrospect.

Turning toward home, you know you have to jump back on the merry-go-round.  There is no gradual slide in — you must begin to run and fling yourself on the dizzying platform.  It’s not long before it feels right to be spinning around again, but the initial plunge is brutal.  Still, at some point, while working up speed to jump back on, the thought crosses your mind, “Do I really want to get back on this thing?  Why not go over and swing awhile longer?”

One thought on “Merry-Go-Round

  1. The only reason you get back on is your family is already spinning and as you jump on you feel like you are going to fall off, but your family grab your arm and hold on tight- you feel like your muscles aren’t going to hold you because you yourself have a bad hold, then another wonderful family member hears your calling to stop!!!! and they stop that crazy thing allowing you to rearrange yourself for another ride except this time you are positioned in the” secure spot ” like a peg in the middle not on the edge. Now when it goes super fast you feel the super wonderful pull on your body creating a exciting rush and being totally safe in the midst of the turning. It is always turning it just depends where you want to ride on the edge or in the middle safe and secure.

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