10 Things I Miss

Ten things I miss, in no particular order:

1.  I miss writing.  Getting ready for VBS consumes my days and sleep consumes my nights.  That’s all I can manage right now.

2.  I miss the smell of fresh cut hay.  Even though the grass in our yard gets kind of long, it doesn’t give off that heady aroma I remember from the back forty.

3.  I miss getting letters in the mail.  There’s no anticipation when walking out to the mailbox anymore.

4.  I miss my waist.  It went somewhere when I turned fifty.

5.  I miss eating a bowl of ice-cream before going to bed.  Could be related to #4.

6.  I miss Hudson.  Katie sent me a picture today of a very poopy diaper and that even warmed my heart. 

7.  I miss spending summer afternoons at the city pool with other moms and all our kids.

8.  I miss reading.  On June 22 I am going to download ten new books on my Kindle.

9.  I miss Hugh Bonneville and Maggie Smith.  (I’m getting PB hooked on Downton Abbey.)

10.  I miss the sound of the loons on the lake up north. 

What have you been missing lately?

23 thoughts on “10 Things I Miss

  1. The smell of fire in the fireplace- the burning wood combined with cooked bacon. I smelt it awhile back and it instanly took me to my childhood. Spending time exploring the land at my Grandma and Grandpa in by Ogema, Wi next to Timms Hill highest place in Wisconsin. My Grandma would have a fire going and making bacon for breakfast- happiness!

  2. I miss the scent of clean sheets that have been dried on the line in the sunshine. I haven’t had a clothes line in 26 years.
    I miss TRYING to gain weight so my first driver’s license could list weight as 100 pounds.
    I miss collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day knowing all five of our children were squeaky clean and tucked safely in their beds under our roof.
    I miss being a daughter.
    I miss being an adored granddaughter.

  3. Charlie and Marc. They are in Canada fishing and I miss seeing their smiles come around the corner at me. 🙂

  4. I miss fully operational joints — especially knee and thumb joints.
    I miss being able to remember every little thing without yellow post-it notes.
    I miss my natural hair color that did not need attention every month.
    5 cent packs of gum
    Cuddling with little curly-haired daughters after nap time.
    I miss the worries of childhood. Some of my adult worries are like shoes that are way too big for my little feet.
    I miss Mom.

  5. I miss “sleeping in” until at least, oh, say, 6:30 every morning.
    I miss feeling like I have the world by the tail and being confident in everything I do.
    I miss living in the country.
    I miss big Biddick family Christmases (I suppose I just volunteered myself to plan a reunion…).

  6. I miss my mom and dad. I miss hearing their voices on the other end of the phone. I miss Sunday family meals together with home cooked meals and dad’s produce from the garden and homemade pickles and applesauce from his own cukes and apples.

  7. I miss God…..

    I miss him when I lose my patients with my kids and yell. When he’s there he reminds me to be slow to anger.

    I miss him when I’m distracted in the line at the grocery store and I reach for that candy bar at the check out. When he’s there he reminds that everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial.

    I miss him when I forget to invite him along to a tough workout. When he’s there he reminds me to be thankful and proud that I have a body that allows me to push myself to my limits.

    I miss him when I’m complaining that I haven’t had a clean house in 6 years. When he’s there he reminds me that my dear husband built me this house with his own two hands.

    I miss him when I yearn for peace and quiet. When he’s there I’m reminded of those close to me who are unable to have children and would give anything to have noise in their house.

    I miss him when we miss church service. When I’m there it settles me and revives me for a new week ahead.

    Today, I didn’t miss him! He was here and alive in me! I worshiped in his house today, I have a clean house (almost), I ate an amazing dinner and didn’t feel guilty about enjoying ice cream afterward, my children laughed and played all day and I enjoyed the noise, my dear husband is out working in the garden at 9:00 p.m. so we have fresh veggies to feed our family and I am so very thankful.

    Tomorrow…I think I’ll bring him with me again!

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