Roadtrip to Ames

On Sunday, PB and I took a little roadtrip to Ames, Iowa.  “Ames, Iowa?” you ask.  Yes, indeed.  Because that’s where our daughter, Anna, and her husband, Dan, live.  We hadn’t seen them since last December and she offered to make us meatballs, so we went. 

Ames is a friendly place.


It was windy the whole time we were visiting.   Must be why they are called the Cyclones at Iowa State.


Dan and Anna have a cute little apartment decorated all Anna-style.  The meatballs were delicious.  I’m just sorry I didn’t take a picture of them.


We brought the Spree along and handed the keys over to them.  The scooter just doesn’t work for 6’5″ boys who weigh 200 lbs.  (All muscle.)  Anna took it out for a ride.


Then Dan took a spin.


While Dan was out, PB fixed the light socket in their garage.  Because PB has to fix something when he goes visiting the kids. 


When Dan got back, the men talked about garages and tools and cars and scooters.  I went back in and ate some meatballs.


Anna and Dan took us to a very cool place for breakfast.  They took us, but we paid.  That’s what parents do. 

Then Anna wanted to show us her favorite antique store in town.  It was……..interesting.  We knew that this was a one-of-a-kind antique store right at the door.


Like baskets?  There were piles of baskets.


Or maybe dishes?  There were stacks of dishes.


There were pots and vases as far as the eye could see.


There was a greenhouse in the back of the store….and a rocking chair…


Outside there was a real nice pile of pots.


Thankfully, they had an overflow shed.  Look carefully: it’s full all the way up to the top window.



We had a great time with Dan and Anna.


They’ve gotten off to a good start.


6 thoughts on “Roadtrip to Ames

  1. Thanks so much for this great post. Think about young married couples and especially Anna and Dan and loved the notes and photos. Thank you for sharing your family with all of us! We love them too.
    Bet Anna had a great time with Hud and Katie and Noah.
    Your family is growing—–

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your visit to Ames, and the pictures were great.
    Are you sure that wasn’t you beside Dan waving goodbye? Anna looks so much like you in that shot.
    I enjoyed your trip vicariously, because all of my kids except Janiece are not very close. Glad you got to see them!!

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