Cake Pops Revisited

I distinctly remember saying, “I’m never going to make another cake pop as long as I live.”  But that was last summer, when the freezer was overflowing with hundreds of the little rolled up bits of cake glued together with frosting.  (See July 14, 2011 post “Wedding Countdown Day 30)  How many did we make again?  Was it 278…..or 354….or 1 kazillion?  Today I discovered that making one batch of pops is rather enjoyable.  There were three good reasons to revisit the world of cake pops this weekend.

1)  A day after our daughter got married last August, Kate (a friend of mine who attended the wedding) unashamedly confessed to me that she must have eaten at least 10 cake pops at the reception.  We discussed at length whether the chocolate, strawberry or vanilla treats were the better choice.  She was ahead of me on that one – I had only sampled the vanilla, so I valued her expert opinion.  I was so happy that someone had received such pleasure as a result of my hours of baking, rolling and dipping.  Her appreciation just oozed and I thought, “Now here’s someone who deserves her own batch of cake pops someday.”  Since it’s Kate’s birthday tomorrow, I decided now’s the time.  I love cooking for people who ooze with appreciation.

2)  Our niece, Meghan, got married today.  The wedding was in Texas and we weren’t able to be there.  She’s a dear, sweet girl and we love the whole family so much.  PB asked if we could watch the wedding on Skype and they were able to pull it off!  At about 2:00 this afternoon, PB came in from cleaning the garage, I washed pink candy coating off my hands, and we sat down to witness the blessed event.  We were so grateful to be able to hear the wedding vows and see how beautiful Meghan looked on her wedding day.  So I dipped a few cake pops in honor of Meghan and Randall.

3)  This week a little friend of mine got a new baby sister.  Maggy comes to the preschool Sunday school class and sits in the pew behind me in church.  She has the longest darkest eyelashes you ever did see.  Big sisters need their own bucket of cake pops, I’m positive. 

I guess there’s one more reason….  I caught PB looking longingly at the row of fresh pops.  Happening to find one with a crack in it, I asked him to please dispose of it, which he did with pleasure.  He’s helpful like that.

2 thoughts on “Cake Pops Revisited

  1. They WERE very delicious…can’t remember which flavor the boys liked best. I believe they would take ANY. Also, glad to hear that there are some little girls who also get blessed with beautiful, long dark eyelashes. I often look at Adin and wonder how he ended up with his! And, finally, I love that you saw your niece’s wedding via Skype. We. Love. Skype. 🙂

  2. This is proof that time really does heal! Thought you’d never make another cake pop in my lifetime! Happy day!

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