Fly Away Home

Yesterday I had to say goodbye.  It was very hard.  For some reason, Hudson’s mommy wouldn’t let me take him home with me.  So I had to force myself onto an airplane and leave wonderland.

Hud and I had a heart to heart talk before I left.


“Nonnie?  Is it true?  You are leaving me?”


“But who will talk and walk and sing to me at 4:00 a.m.?”


“I have an idea.  Let’s take a vote.”


“Everyone who wants Nonnie to stay, raise one arm.”


“Everyone who wants Nonnie to stay, raise two arms.”


“Now, Hudson.  Your pretty mommy is going to take good care of you.”


“So, you’re really leaving then?”


“Here’s a million kisses to hold you over until I see you again.”


7 thoughts on “Fly Away Home

  1. Dinah,
    I have delighted in reading your blog. Have been thinking of you and the family but especially yesterday, knowing you had to leave your Utah family and especially Hud. Know Katie and Noah and Hud will miss you and they appreciate the wonderful help you have been to them. This is exactly what Nonnie’s do. You are right on track!!!

  2. Is it time already to come home–seems like yesterday we were waiting for the little Hud Bud to come into the world–and now with tears coming down your face your sitting on the plane–your heart is so full–all those people who said it is so wonderful to be a grandma and grandpa–were right–thankyou for taking us along on your journey–it was so much fun–Take Care and God Bless–my heart is full–Pam

  3. I have been looking for your next post, knowing that it would be about the ache of leaving. Your photos are simply wonderful. Hudson is a handsome and happy little guy, and Katie and Noah have a great start on parenthood. Your presence there will be felt far into the future. We who are grandparents totally understand the emotions your have experienced and shared with us.

    Hooray for Skype!!

  4. How adorable. I love the pictures. I have been praying for you. It had to be a great joy to spend time up there with Hudson. And terribly hard to leave. I am glad you are home safe and sound. I am sure. PB is too. See you Sunday.

  5. Dinah and Blake, Congratulations on becoming grandparents! You have a fine looking grandson! We share a common bond as our 4 grandkids are 2000 miles away. Enjoy!

    Your Madison Friends,
    Paul and Janet

    • Janet! How nice to hear from you! Thanks for reading! Sounds like you know all about grandparenting over the miles. Hope you get to see them often. Katie is happy to have Michelle visiting!

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