First Photoshoot

This is my grandson, Hudson.  (I love saying that.) 

PB and I had him all to ourselves for awhile this morning while his mommy and daddy caught up on some sleep.  We took a few pictures.  Well, okay, we took 80 pictures….in about 15 minutes.  He makes the cutest faces while he’s sleeping.  And sometimes he moves his arms – that’s so amazing.  And he makes the sweetest little squeaks.  And he breathes such precious little baby breaths.  Sigh. 

Sometimes he looks like he’s pondering great truths.

Sometimes he looks like he’s hearing angels sing.

Sometimes he stretches one arm.

Sometimes he stretches both arms.

Sometimes he just thinks.

Sometimes he shows off his double chin.  Or triple chin.

Sometimes he thinks about his Nonnie and smiles.

We could just stare at him all day long.

11 thoughts on “First Photoshoot

  1. During his sleep, believe it or not he is dreaming 50% of the time. I can’t wait to get to heaven to find out what infants dream about. In the sleep world we don’t know what dreams mean, but some think we dream to try and work things out we can’t while were conscious. Anyway sweet dreams to all, you adults are suppose to be dreaming 25% of the time by the way.

    IN Christ,
    steve collins
    what a precious litte(?) boy

  2. Gahhhhh I can’t wait to get out there! I think he looks wise. Like how Noah is just a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. That’s genetic, right?

  3. He is a handsome young man! I bet it is even better than you could have imagined – it is a wonderful journey watching this little baby grow and learn. Enjoy the time and know Katie and Noah are so happy you are there!!!!!

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