Outta Control

Groundhog Day would’ve been a good day to be born.  I made the mistake of sending a clever text to my very pregnant daughter this morning: “I wonder if Little Mister will stick his head out to see his shadow today!”  Hardy-har-har.  My equally clever sister commented, “You better hope he doesn’t see his shadow today.  That would mean six more weeks!”  Tee-hee-hee.  It was even suggested my darling daughter find a donkey to ride around town for awhile as that seemed to do the trick for Mary….

Sorry, honey.  We are all just a little wacko right now.  We jump when the phone rings.  PB checks the airlines for immediate seating tickets several times a day.  I do laundry every morning so all our underwear is ready to be thrown into a suitcase in a moment’s notice.  Things are getting a little outta control. 

As nerve-wracking as this is, waiting for Little Mister to be born has been a good exercise in patience.  It’s healthy for us to be forced from time to time to give up some control.  We need to be reminded once in a while that there are things beyond our realm of influence.  Nature just has to take its course and there’s no sense in fighting it. 

Yeah right.

Super Bowl Sunday would be a good day to be born…

2 thoughts on “Outta Control

  1. Patience is a virtue, but so-o-o hard to put into practice everyday!

    Just to illustrate how “outta control” this world has become……Elli was born on the Saturday of Super Bowl Weekend. That was when the superbowl was played in January (her birthday is Jan 8th)! We watched the superbowl in the hospital room. (I don’t remember who played, but I do remember nearly everything else about that weekend!) The sports world has managed to stretch out the season a full month — more games, more hoopla, more money coming and going.

    I don’t think Little Mister can stretch this thing out another month. He will be here soon!

  2. Ha ha…loved that post, Dinah! Laughing out loud. And I like the name you settled on for yourself. I think we had a Christmas book called something like Nonnie’s Christmas Reindeer…maybe it was Noni’s, I’m not sure. The name seemed familiar…must mean it’s a good pick for a grandma nickname. 🙂

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