Open for Business

One thing I’ve noticed the last few weeks: PB has become a much better preacher since I have started taking notes in church.  Or maybe taking notes during the sermon has made me a much better listener so I’m more aware of PB’s good messages.  It’s funny what happens when you enter worship actually expecting to hear a word from God.

For so many years, my attention was centered on keeping four children quiet in the pew.  I doled out Cheerios, played hangman, and drew pictures on the bulletin.  Later, my focus was on sending raised eyebrows to my whispering teenagers who were sitting with their friends.  These days, I find myself sitting alone in the pew.  Antsy children and chatty teenagers don’t bother me at all anymore.  Probably because they aren’t my antsy children and my chatty teenagers.

Anyway, this week this is what stuck with me.  After our Lord’s death and resurrection, 1 Peter 3:19 says that Jesus preached.  PB said that the word for “preached” means “announced”.  In other words, Jesus was announcing that the victory over death was won and the door to heaven was now open.  Heaven: Open for Business!

So, how is business?  Am I getting the word out about this grand opening?  And what about the church?  Is the church open for business?  Or open for busy-ness?  Or does it prefer business-as-usual?

And what about my heart?  Is it open for business?  Is God telling me He needs to get into my business about some things?  Do I dare to tell Him it’s none of His business?   How can I go about my business like nothing has happened when telling people about Jesus is serious business?

There’s no business like show business…..ah….nope, that one doesn’t work.  I’ll stop now.

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