I called my grandma “Boppy”.  Actually, my oldest brother, who was the first grandchild, started it when he was a little guy learning to talk.  Evidently when he tried to say “grandma”, it came out more like “Boppy” and the name stuck.  All nine grandchildren called her “Boppy”.  I had forgotten that until this morning when I read my daughter’s post.  Katie has dusted off her old blog and is breathing new life into it, much to my delight.  (It Is Happy to Love – it’s in my blogroll.) 

Anyway, she wrote about a pillow she has, called a boppy.  I read that word and suddenly I was transported to 1965 and the house just down the driveway.  My grandparent’s house always smelled like pickles and spices and apfelkuchen (apple cake).  There was a glass candy dish filled with candy corn and I could take as many pieces of candy as I was years old.  Boppy watched “As the World Turns” and gave me art lessons.  We looked through the pile of “Pack-O-Fun” magazines and picked out projects, although I don’t remember doing any of them.  She let me rummage through her jewelry box and we walked outside to see the flowers in the garden.  Whenever I was bored, or trying to get out of practicing the piano, I could skip down the back driveway and while away an afternoon at Boppy’s.  She was never too busy for me and always made me feel like I was the best part of her day.

I wonder what Little Mister will call me.  I suppose “grandma” will be ok.  But I wouldn’t mind something original and quirky; a name that only one little boy in the whole world will have the right to call me.  I guess I’ll let him decide.  In the meantime, I’d better stock up on candy corn.

5 thoughts on “Boppy

  1. What wonderful memories you have of Grandma Biddick, aka Boppy! I remember her wooden box which was on the kitchen counter and was embellished with the words “Lollipops for good little boys and girls”. There was always a candy treat in that box! Mark has found that grandchildren are a bit like dogs………if you keep a treat in your pocket, you will have a friend for life! Of course, a good dose of love helps alot too. I have learned that Gramma must have sweet rolls on hand for Logan and whipped cream for Adin.

    The girls called Elsie “Grammie” (her choice). I didn’t choose any special name, and the boys are just fine calling me Gramma. It’s weird to find yourself responding to “Gramma”, but only for a little while. (Actually, I was secretly hoping that they would NOT call me Boppy.)

    Whatever name Little Mister will have for you, rest assured that all the grandchildren to follow will likely call you by the name he creates.

    And what name will you have for Little Mister?

  2. I knew before looking at the replies that Mom would have left a note about this. I remember using my Boppy (pillow) and Mom recounting memories of her Boppy (grandma). Funny…

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