A few days have slipped by here on Small Drop, mostly because I’ve had a D.R.A. 

*D.R.A. = Dirty Rotten Attitude

Most of the time, I serve the Lord with gladness, but there are moments when I struggle.  Mostly it happens when I have to do something that I don’t feel called to do, but am obligated to do anyway.  Like maybe, for instance, when I get volunteered to lead praise music for a retreat on the most beautiful weekend of the fall and the Milwaukee Brewers just happen to be playing the biggest game of the year and Nyjer Morgan hits a walk off in the bottom of the tenth inning to send the team into the League Championship Series.  Just times like that. 

I’m over it now.  Pretty much. 

Unfortunately, there’s a residual effect after having a D.R.A.  It takes awhile to get inspiration and creativity flowing again.  After sufficient repentance and restoration of my soul, I expect to find my words again.  Until then, Go Brewers!

The term “D.R.A.” was created by my good friend Donna, who rarely has one! 


3 thoughts on “D.R.A.*

  1. Great blog! We now know that you can be just like the rest of us, which means there truly is hope for all of us! Frankly, D.R.A. sounds like something our mother would have created to make a point!

  2. Hahaha! I think she would have converted to the Brewers! Wouldn’t it be fun to watch a game with her now? Must be where we get our love for the game. Thanks for yesterday. Appreciate you!

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