Wedding Countdown Day 11 – Guest Post!

Anna here, reporting from Wedding Command Central. After a four-hour drive, complete with a scary amount of coffee consumption and tons of Beyonce blaring through the speakers, I finally sit in the family room, watching as we all slowly lose our minds. And I mean that. Here is some evidence that we will all seem a little more sane after August 13th…

Scene #1: Living room, Brewer game in the background (per usual)
Me: I need to eat more taffy.
Mom: NO.
Dad: Oh go ahead honey.
Mom: NO WAY.
Me: Well, will you order more taffy so I can eat more taffy?!

Scene #2: Target. Returning a few duplicate gifts.
Me: Yeah, I need to return this item.
Employee: That’s not our item. I think that is from Bed Bath and Beyond.
You know its starting to look grim when I’m trying to return items to the wrong store. I would love to try to return other things to stores… like our dog, Bo. We’ve never been the best of friends.

Today has been one of reflection as I left what has been my home for the last fifteen months. We lovingly call our home, “The Summer Cottage”. This is because we moved into this  suburban lake-side-5 bedroom-two bathroom paradise last summer. Mind you, it was on the market and we constantly expected to get kicked out by a potential buyer. Five of my best friends and I moved into The Cottage graduation weekend of 2010, all U of Minnesota-Twin Cities Alumni. These women hold an incredibly dear place in my heart, three of them standing in my wedding party, and leaving almost tore my heart into pieces. However, I was so thankful to have the calm, reassuring, and strong presence of my man. It was a bitter-sweet departure as I mourned what I was leaving, but looked so forward to the adventure ahead.

Well, Bernie Brewer just went down the Kalahari home run slide as shouts of, “WOOO!” rang in a three run home run.

“Honey, if you write that much I’m never going to be able to keep up with that.”–Mom. Haha.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown Day 11 – Guest Post!

  1. Anna, so funny – Blake & Dinah with the taffy – wow, some things never change!

    Congratulations on your new adventure – I’m reminded of how your mom summed up your personality to me when you were little – it was a true story about driving up to a playground in a new town and you excitedly told her, “Oh, look at all my friends I haven’t met yet!”
    Enjoy finding even more!


  2. Thanks for filling in for your Mom, she’s doing a great job blogging!
    On my lunch I’m laughing in the corner of the shop as I read the days I have missed.

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