Wedding Countdown Day 12

Turning that calendar page over to August sent a shiver through me this morning.  Now we are on the very page of the wedding date.  Time to buckle down and get serious. 

I rolled my last cake ball tonight.  Now it’s all about the dipping.  I made one extra cake to practice on.  Also, because we have some gluten-free guests and a gluten-free bride, I have experimented with various gluten-free cakes.  Instead of frosting holding the crumbs together, I used Pomander’s all fruit spread (raspberry).  We’ll see how the taste test goes this week.

The bride-to-be will be arriving at home tomorrow to spend her final single days with mom and dad.  I expect things will be picking up with many details to tie up before the 13th.  Put your seat belt on.

One thought on “Wedding Countdown Day 12

  1. Today after you told me Anna will be coming home, it really didn’t hit me until I saw it in print-to spend her final single days with mom and dad. It hit me. *HS*
    Just like in the Bible- sometimes we hear it but when we see it in print that is when it hits.

    My dear friend so proud of your count down, its amazing and funny! God bless you in the final days amount to the final 10-9-8-…..

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