Wedding Countdown Day 22

Today, PB loaded up a U-Haul trailor in Minnesota and unloaded the U-Haul trailor in Iowa.  And he’s driving back to Wisconsin tonight. 

When our oldest daughter moved out to Oregon, PB drove out with her. Leaving her out there was really tough for him.  Dads just want to protect their little girls.  It took a two day train ride home to pull himself together.  This time he’s only got a five hour car ride.  I’d better wait up for him.

 There’s a big empty space in the storage room where all her boxes were piled up. 

 Her bedroom will now be the guest room. 


2 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown Day 22

  1. **sigh** – do you know the song Butterfly Kisses?

    I can hear Blake singing this…
    geez, now I need a tissue!

    • Blake does not allow that song to be played in this house. Really, if it comes on the radio, he shuts it off and says, “I hate that song.” Which really means – “I don’t want to turn into a blubbering idiot in front of you.” Thanks for attaching the video, though! I’ll discreetly play it while he’s watching tv and he’ll never know what hit him.

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