Wedding Countdown Day 23

 It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the details that go into making a wedding day special and memorable.  Months of planning, list-making, and shopping are poured into this one day.  A person could get caught up in the details and lose sight of the point of all this!   

This morning, I felt a need to get grounded.  I had gone a few days without a quiet time and my spirit was dehydrated, so it was time for some Living Water.  I opened up my Bible to John 2 where Jesus was at a wedding and provided wine when they ran out.  I wonder if He could do that with cake pops.  Then I went to Matthew 22 where Jesus told a story about people who were invited to a wedding but didn’t RSVP so the host brought in others off the street to enjoy the celebration.  I guess we could do that.

But it was Revelation 19 that really got my attention.  “Blessed are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!”  Someday the church (that’s us) will be the Bride at a wedding to end all weddings.  It’s exciting to think that there are preparations going on right now for this big event that will be the climax, the culmination of an eternity of planning and preparation.  I really don’t care what is served at that reception (what will heavenly food taste like?!) or what I will be wearing (what will the bridal gown look like?!).  The only thing that will really matter is seeing my Beloved, my Savior, and rejoicing with Him. 

Just as the details will melt away when my daughter looks down the aisle to see the one she loves waiting for her.

2 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown Day 23

  1. It definitely sounds to me that you did get “grounded”. It is a big undertaking but know you are up to the challange.

  2. “my spirit was dehydrated, so it was time for some Living Water” — love that. I needed this post today, for sure! Thanks, mom.

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