Go East

After two and a half lovely days gathered as a whole family in Salt Lake City, five of us hopped back into the van and drove back east.  We decided to change things up on the way home.  We left the beautiful Wasatch Mountains that surround Salt Lake City in the daytime, thus having some real scenery to enjoy for hours.  By the time we hit Nebraska, it was getting dark and that suited us just fine.  The two boys pulled an all-nighter and drove throughout the wee hours of the morning.  My dear hubby took over at sunrise and carried us home, arriving at 7:30 a.m.  We made a pact to never drive 3,000 miles in five days again in our lifetime, but it was memorable and worth the time we had together.

                              The sibs standing in front of the Great Salt Lake.

                                     Carving the Thanksgiving turkey.

                             Looking out at my husband standing in the snow.

                                              Saying goodbye to the fam.

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