Go West

Reporting from somewhere west of where I usually am:

The 20 hour car ride turned into a much longer trek due to snow packed and slippery roads ALL ACROSS WYOMING.  We saw about 3 houses and aside from a lonely gas station along the interstate, very little proof of civilization.  Are there more than 12 people in Wyoming?  ‘Cause that’s all we counted.

My dear hubby drove all but 3 of those treacherous hours, bless his heart.  He’s the kind of man I can trust with my life – he’s proved that over and over.  But, being the considerate spouse that I am, I thought I should help him out on that bad stretch of highway by alerting him when he was getting too close to the truck in front of us, or suggesting he change lanes, or grabbing the door handle and stomping on the imaginary brake on my side of the floorboard.  You know, helpful stuff like that.

Because of one passenger’s aversion to unhealthy fast food, the only alternative was Subway.  So, we stopped at Subway in Iowa, Subway in Nebraska, and Subway in Wyoming.  When we pulled into our hotel last night, we couldn’t help but notice a Subway right across the street, which produced a gagging reflex by all.

      Iowa…or Nebraska…..no, Iowa……or Nebraska

          Nebraska, I’m pretty sure……or Iowa. 

          Definitely Nebraska……..or Wyoming.  A hill!!




2 thoughts on “Go West

  1. Jon and I are so laughing!
    According to the weather forecast, you may be pumping the imaginary brake on the way home too!
    We miss you guys!:)

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