20 Hour Car Ride

Over the holidays, we will be traveling across the country to see our daughter and her husband in Utah.  Yep, it’s a 20 hour car ride.  So, I’m thinking about what I need to bring along to make the time fly (since I can’t).   I’d appreciate your suggestions.  Keep in mind we are packing 18 years worth of our daughter’s memorabilia and special-somethings in the van, so space is limited.  Also take into consideration that 5 adults will be enjoying close-knit family time, so we all need to be as annoying-free as possible.  That reminds me, I’ll bring my knitting.

Here’s my list so far:

1. Knitting needles and yarn.  I shouldn’t need much yarn since I usually make a mistake about halfway through a scarf and have to unravel it all anyway.  (I don’t know how to pick up dropped stitches yet.)   I’ll knit through Iowa, unravel through Nebraska, knit through Wyoming, unravel through Utah.

2.  Ipod.  I need to remember to download some free podcasts and put all my Christmas music back on.  Thank you, Lord, for ipods.  I couldn’t stand to listen to my kids’ music.  What?  They feel the same about mine?  No way.

3.  Books:  I’m bringing “Radical” by David Platt.  (I had to wait 4 months on inter-library loan for this book.  Gonna be good.)  Oh, and my favorite, “Diary of Private Prayer” by John Baillie.  (See Oct. 6 post)  It’s always good to have some prayers handy in case we hit a blizzard in Cheyenne.  Magazines: Country Sampler, Shop Smart, Real Simple, Bible Study (yes, there is a magazine called Bible Study).  

4.  Videos:  Two sweet friends gave me the PBS presentation of “Emma” for my birthday.  My daughter and I will torture the boys with Jane Austin.  And talk in High English accents for miles and miles.  That shouldn’t be too annoying.

5.  Snacks: Granola bars, string cheese, apples.  Licorice. 

6.  Idea notebook.  You never know when inspiration will hit.  Plus, it’s always fun to record quotes from grouchy people in the backseat, unless I’m the grouchy person in the backseat.

7.  Computer.  Blogging on the road might be fun.  Solitaire will come in handy during hours 16-20.

8.  Camera.  Expect to see lots of pics of people sleeping in awkward positions in reclined car seats.  There will be numerous photos of treeless landscapes and a long ribbon of highway, I have a feeling. 

9. Crossword puzzles:  I’ve been stashing the daily newspaper crossword away for a few weeks.  I’ll try not to cheat by looking at the answers in the next day’s issue.

So, what else should be on my list?

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