Undignified Worship

2 Samuel 6:14 “David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the Lord with all his might.”

David danced. He danced before the Lord with all his might. Wearing a linen ephod. Some Bible scholars think that means David threw off his royal robe and associated himself with all the other lowly priests and servants. Others believe that David danced in his undies. It’s hard to kick up your heels in a long dress. Mrs. David despised her husband for such an indiscretion, especially in front of the other girls. Understandable. I wouldn’t want my husband waltzing down the aisle on Sunday morning in his Fruit of the Looms.

But David was dancing before the Lord — giving full expression of his deep love for God. He was dancing with all his might,  holding nothing back. After a long, emotional day of ministry, David went home to bless his own household. The Mrs. met him at the door with criticism on her tongue, calling her husband a “vulgar fellow”. David defended his dance by saying it was before the Lord in celebration. Then that great line – “I will become even more undignified than this.” 2 Samuel 6:22

How does it happen? Two extremely different interpretations: 1) an all-out offering of worship, 2) an embarrassment.

Funny, God never reprimanded David. Perhaps God liked David’s dance; maybe God loved the wild and uninhibited expression of worship. Clearly, God was not repulsed by David’s lack of clothes or lack of dignity, but instead reveled in David’s abundant, joyful, all-his-might worship.

What does my worship look like to God? Am I too dignified? Have I ever worshiped in such a heart-felt manner that others were a little embarrassed? Am I willing to praise Him with all my might?

2 thoughts on “Undignified Worship

  1. Yes, I found you!! Love your journal here, Dinah 🙂
    I’m glad Katie enjoyed the letters so much – now they are treasured all over again!

    I had to respond to your post here because of the timing… I had this link posted on FB this week and some FB friends that I work with started doing this every morning or we instant message each other when on frustratingly tedious conference calls…

    Same hand motions, intonation, the works… I walk in and say “I like this rain, I like my emails, I like my Starbucks, I like my team, We can do anything good!” It is undignified and sooo makes us crack up and changes our whole outlook.

    Doesn’t “enthusiasm” have some root connection to “God within” or “God possessed” – something like that?

    • Loved this! You’re right about the Greek root of the word meaning God within. Boy, do I need that kind of pep talk in the mirror some days. Thanks for passing it along!

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