The Graduate

Graduation Day arrived on Sunday for Anna!   Here’s the week-end update.

Parents and brothers left for Minneapolis early Saturday morning.  Well, 9:00 a.m. is early for Sam and Jake.  It was a quiet ride.   Aren’t they cute with their look-alike Packer blankets?

We arrived and helped Anna load all her worldly belongings into her Ford Escort station wagon.

I drew the short stick and got stuffed in the back seat of the van with her mattress and box spring.   Here’s my view:

Anna, Sam and Jake (now awake) in front of the cool house on a lake Anna and five girlfriends get to live in for the summer.

Anna got what every Vocal Music Education grad longs for: an old record player that plays these really big CDs.

Sunday morning.  Stained glass and rock music.  Sitting next to my husband in church – a rare blessing.

Happy Gopher Grad jumpin’ for joy!  No more tests, no more papers, no more studying!

Look, mom!  My hat has a tassel!

Jake pretending he’s the grad.

Proud parents!  Hey!  Who’s the homeless man off to the side??

Ah!! The homeless man jumped into the pic…

Anna’s wishing  Sam and Jake would put down their cell phones for one minute.  Hold on…that’s no cell phone…that’s Jake playing Pokemon on his gameboy….

Ceremony time!  Jake checked out when he realized that after the four speeches, over one thousand grads were going to have to walk across that stage.

Diploma!  Sun’s kinda bright.

Quiet ride home.

Blake took this on the way home through the rear view mirror while steering with his knee going 70 mph down the interstate.   Pretty, huh?

She did it!  We did it!  Thank you Jesus!

Katie and Noah- I’m getting this photography/blog thing down.  Just wait till you are here this summer!  More good times coming!

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