I Am Bartimaeus

Honestly, I didn’t mean for that to sound like a take-off on “I Am Spartacus”. “I Am Bartimaeus” is a much more humble declaration. I am admitting that I am often a blind beggar sitting by the road, wrapped in my cloak of insecurity and brokenness. I have nothing to offer and am much too dependent on the good graces of others. I am aware that when I beg for my needs to be met by people, it is an irritation. “Please make me feel good about myself.” “Please tell me I am a significant person.” “Please give me some attention.” I continually hold out my empty cup, hoping someone will fill it, only to start over again the next day. It is annoying. People can’t be expected to meet my needs like Jesus can.

What does it take for me to be insistent in my cry for mercy? Only the chance to be heard by the Savior.

What does it take for me to keep it up in the midst of shushing? Only the determination to be found by Him.

What does it take for me to throw off my beggar’s cloak and jump to my feet? Only the sound of His voice calling me to come.

Jesus answered Bart’s cry for mercy, but not by putting coins in his cup. Jesus answered by getting Bart up on his feet, getting him healed and getting him on his way. So, be careful when you cry out to God, especially if you are simply looking for sympathy. He may tell you to get up and live a life you never thought was possible.

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