A Gleeful Christmas

When all the kids were home in January, we did some after-Christmas gift giving.  One of the presents was the entire first season of the television series “Glee” on DVD.  We packed the entire 13 episodes into a marathon of TV watching over a couple of days. (We did have to stop occasionally to eat.)  As soon as everyone was up in the morning, someone would say, “Glee?” and in moments we were transfixed in front of the screen.  At midnight someone would say, “Just one more episode?” and we’d all nod our glassy-eyed heads.

The story line was sometimes quirky, sometimes compelling.  The characters developed before our eyes and we began to feel for these make-believe teenagers. The music was never disappointing and the humor began to grow on us.  One thing I noticed as I immersed myself in the story: it was on my mind all the time.  I woke up in the morning with a song from the show going through my head; I often thought about the story line during the day; I even had dreams at night about the episodes we watched.  Once, one of the kids started humming the show’s theme song and we all spontaneously joined in.

I thought, “What if?”  What if I was that purposeful in prayer and study of God’s Word?  What effect would consistently devoting time with God have on my waking moments in the morning, my thoughts during the day, and my dreams at night?  Perhaps that’s what “being filled up with God Himself” really means: immersing ourselves in The Story so that it affects every aspect of our lives.   Perhaps that’s what true worship really is: hearing God’s theme song and joining in with each other.

“This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Savior all the day long!”

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