Two Thumbs Up

I’m back in business.

On September 10th, I strolled into the operating room, chatted with the surgeon about football while he fixed my stuck ligament, and then I strolled back out with three little stitches holding me together.

I did milk it a bit by spending a whole day on the couch watching cooking shows. And I did convince PB that I couldn’t wash dishes for two weeks.

Now that the stitches are out and my thumb is moving every which-way without pain, the gig is up. No more lolly-gagging. Life is good.

I’ll be starting a new series soon!
“The One Anothers”
The Bible has over 50 “one another” statements.
They were given to teach the early believers how to live with each other
in such a way that the church would stand out in their culture as a place of
joyful hope, compassionate healing and warm fellowship.

Seems like now would be a good time for a refresher.

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