Easter is the ultimate surprise party.

You know how it is when you’re throwing a secret party for someone. You spread the word but keep it on the down-low. Then the day comes when everyone gathers and quietly hides behind closed doors. Finally, the guest of honor arrives and when he walks in the room, everyone jumps up and yells, “Surprise!”

That’s what this Easter was like for me. I’ve been hiding out during Lent, being very quiet and shushing my friends in the room while exchanging knowing smiles. We knew it was coming. We knew He was on His way. Yet, the anticipation thrilled us to the bone. We could hardly contain our excitement or suppress our giggles.

In an earth-shaking twist, the Guest of Honor was the One who yelled, “Surprise!” and we all gathered around Him on Easter morning, rejoicing. “Hallelujah! Jesus! You’re alive!”

We’ve just spent the past 40 days of Lent preparing for this party. Why spend over a month getting ready for a celebration that lasts one hour? I think we should whoop it up for as many days as we reflected in the quiet.

The period of time between Jesus’ resurrection and His ascension is called “Eastertide”. In other words, Easter isn’t over! This party is just getting started! Acts 1:3 says, “He appeared to them over a period of forty days.” Jesus kept showing up, surprising people over and over. Let’s show up, too, and allow Him to astonish us time and time again.

You’re invited to spend the next 40 days celebrating the Risen Savior! Join me for “Countdown to Liftoff: An Eastertide Party”. I’ll offer short daily reflections leading up to Jesus’ ascension to the throne.

Today is Day 39.
And counting.