31 Days of Questions: Day 1


“Why were you searching for me?”  Luke 2:4

We’ve never lost a kid. Once we got on a train ride at a park and right before taking off, we saw a familiar blonde haired, blue eyed child standing on the platform.  She was ours.  Thankfully, the train didn’t leave the station before we realized we were missing our three year old.

Twelve year old Jesus, separated from his parents for three days, had been in the temple discussing theology with the priests.  When his anxious parents found him, the boy answered their question (“Why have you treated us like this?”) with a question.  It seemed Jesus was the calm one, surprised that Joseph and Mary had been worrying about him.

Why do I search for Jesus?

When I search for Jesus, it’s not because I fear He’s lost.

It’s because I’m lost and need to be found.

I search for Jesus because He knows where I hide and what I hide from.

I search because all that I have doesn’t fill the emptiness like He does.

The first recorded words of Jesus in the Scriptures is a question:  “Why were you searching for me?”

Let’s start right there.

31 Questions