It has been said that Resurrection morning
is the greatest comeback of all time.

Greater than a Hail Mary touchdown pass into the end zone
with no time left on the clock.

Greater than a half-court shot swishing through the hoop
as the buzzer sounds.

Greater than a walk-off home run with two outs
in the bottom of the ninth.

It may seem to us like the resurrection
was the greatest comeback victory in the history of the world.

Except it wasn’t.

The Resurrection was not a surprise finish,
an unlikely upset,
a come-from-behind rally.

This was in the playbook all along.

“The Lamb was slain from the creation of the world.”
Rev. 13:8

“He chose us in Him before the creation of the world.”
Eph. 1:4

“Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world.”
Matt. 25:34

So, if we could go back before Genesis 1:1,
before the creation of the world,
there we would find the place and time set:
Resurrection Day — Jerusalem,
33 A. D., early in the morning,
Joseph’s tomb.

God doesn’t make comebacks because He’s always way ahead.

There is another date set:
The Great and Glorious Day of Messiah’s Final Come Back,
Mount of Olives,
date and time unknown.
Of course, we don’t know the date,
but we know God knows.
He’s known from the creation of the world.

Don’t miss it.

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