2023 Bible Reading Plan

If I fail to plan, I can plan to fail. Hence, I like to create a roadmap to help me stay on a good path in the year ahead.

After spending last year in a long, leisurely stroll through the Psalms, I’m anxious to get back into some New Testament books. I’ve made a tentative plan for 2023, but will stay open to the Spirit’s leading in the months to come.

This year I’m going for a good mix of Old and New Testament, some gospel words of Jesus, a little history and several weeks focusing on the word joy. There’s enough variety to keep it interesting and several places to start fresh if I run off the rails. The year will start with a slow walk through James and end with a faster jaunt through 1 and 2 Samuel. In September, I’ll start looking for an Advent study to close off 2023. Sounds like fun! You’re welcome to join me!

It looks something like this:

January 2 – April 7: James, studying 6-12 verses per week
April 9 – June 30: “Joy” word study
July 3 – September 8: Parables in Matthew
September 11 – November 24: 1 and 2 Samuel, reading 5 chapters per week
November 26 – December 31: Advent study, TBD

(To see past years’ plans, click on 2023 Bible Reading Plan on the top menu and scroll down.)

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