Be Prepared

PB was a Boy Scout. He can still recite the Oath and the twelve points of the Boy Scout Law. More importantly, he continues to live by the Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared.

My man isn’t a full-on prepper, but he has a little stash of canned food, water, and toilet paper. He keeps extra fuel on hand and has plenty of wood cut. It’s comforting to know we will be okay for a while if there’s a blizzard, or a food shortage, or a complete collapse of the American economy.

This is the season of holiday prep —
the yearly push to get the decorations up, purchase the gifts, send out the cards, etc.

This is the season of Advent —
a more essential aspect of these days as we prepare our hearts to welcome Him.

In 1719, English minister Isaac Watts wrote the poem “Joy to the World” after reading Psalm 98, which is a raucous celebration full of singing and shouting and jubilation. Even though we consider the hymn to be a Christmas carol, Watts didn’t have the birth of Jesus in mind as he wrote those inspired words. He was thinking about the second coming of Christ, complete with trumpet blasts and shouts of joy. Watts anticipated the sound of trees and mountains singing, rivers clapping their hands, seas resounding in praise. He relished the thought of God’s glorious righteousness breaking the curse of sin.

Jesus came the first time in meekness —
quietly, incognito, as a human infant.
Heaven sang,
but earth didn’t pay much attention.

Jesus is coming again in power —
loudly, indisputably, as Mighty God and Prince of Peace.
Earth will receive her King,
as both heaven and nature sings.

What a day that will be!

In the meantime,
we wait.
We anticipate.
We prepare.
This Advent,
let every heart prepare Him room.

2 thoughts on “Be Prepared

  1. Ahhhh,
    Yes He is coming again as we celebrate His birth and the Salvation He bought us with his despicably torturous blood letting death! Should we not be Joyful?
    So joyful am I to feel His presence and that Joy He gave us.
    Again, I discover His grace as I realize I and you and all are worthy of salvation only by Jesus Christ as we, properly prepared, celebrate his first coming and prepare for Him to come again.

    Thanks Dinah for a
    Beautiful Message

  2. Ever since our Heaven study, whenever I hear or sing Joy to the World, I think of His glorious second coming. How wonderful that day will be! I love Advent! Such a wonderful season to remember to prepare my heart for His coming!

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