After my last post, a good friend astutely pointed something out to me that I totally missed. My friend had been studying Rahab in the book of Joshua and connected the scarlet cord that Rahab hung in her window to my red dye story.

Of course! Rahab’s cord was scarlet (coccus ilicis, a.k.a. kermes vermilio, a.k.a. scarlet worm). It wasn’t blue or orange or green. Rahab’s salvation was ensured by a string dyed red, thanks to a bug that gave its life on a tree.

Rahab’s crimson cord
is part of a
that is woven
throughout the Bible.

A quick word search revealed that all the curtains in the tabernacle were indeed a tapestry woven of blue, purple and scarlet yarn.

Same word. Same bug.

The tri-colored curtains that hung in the doorway of the tabernacle served as a visual reminder of the blood that would one day be shed on a tree for the salvation of the world. God is in the details. How like Him to use something as insignificant as a bug to foreshadow the gospel.

This scarlet color even makes the jump into the New Testament.

“They stripped him and put a scarlet robe on him,
and then wove a crown of thorns and set it on his head.”
Matthew 27:28-29

Of course it was a scarlet robe! It wasn’t blue or orange or green. (Although Mark and John call it a purple robe, so maybe a deep-purplish-red?) Matthew, in writing for a Jewish audience, made a choice to use the word that would bring the Hebrew readers back to Isaiah 1:18.

God tells the redemption story even through His colorful creation.

3 thoughts on “Scarlet

  1. So Dinah, I don’t know if you will get this message but here goes. Kendra’s uncle, Gale Getschman, is in Saint Claire The Meadows. He was getting worse as You and Pastor Blake were retiring. You may or may not know of his Parkinson illness but it has progressed to a point he has issues recalling or recognizing some people now. In his comments to me he always spoke highly of PB. I have talked with his daughter, Kendra’s first cousin, Teri Sonsalla. She would be blessed and believe s Gale would as well if Blake could visit Gale. I asked Teri to what for. She answers, best I can recall from our phone call this morning, to let Gale know it’s ok to go. Have faith in his savior. I am asking if you feel Blake is able or willing to answer my request for Gale and his family. I do not know how things are there or how this works as I know Blake has a great feeling for Pastor Ron. Unfortunately Gale would not have a closure with Pastor Ron as he May with Blake. I can only imagine your feelings in such a request which I have no Idea of what you feel. Finally Only with your OK/blessing will I ask your Husband. My philosophy is behind every great man is a great woman who usually knows what is best.!!! What His will is will be. I await patient ly for your response. God Bless and keep you and Blake in the palm of his hands, in Jesus name I pray. With humble request s and devout prayers Wayne Lipska

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