Can anybody give me a jump?

This is what I think I need.
I sit and wait for some kind of electrical spark to jolt my words back to life.
I hope for a new form of inspiration to come along and charge me up.
I assume that a transfusion of external energy is the answer.
I think I need a jump.

But maybe this is what I really need.
I need to jump.

What does it mean to jump? Author Shelene Bryan defines it like this:

Jumping is an act of your will to use your God-given gifts to affect others. It is an action, a choice followed by movement, a decision resulting in moving feet. Jumping involves moving from a state of inertia. If you are not using your God-given gifts to help others, you’ve got to expend some energy to get moving. You have got to jump.

Love Skip Jump, Shelene Bryan

Since my last post in February, I admit I have been in a state of inertia. That happens to me when I’m in the midst of major change – I freeze. And PB and I are smack dab in the middle of a big one. We are moving out of our home of 18 years and moving into a whole new season of life. It’s exciting and terrifying.

I usually don’t like to write about things until I’m safely on the other side, having thought it through and figured it out. But for four months now, I’ve been pondering and processing what this thing called “retirement” means and I’m not even close.

So I’ll dive back into my “small drop of ink” with no answers, but loads of curiosity about life and faith and family. I’m ready to jump.

“My times are in Your hands.”
Psalm 31:15

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8 thoughts on “Jump

  1. I Think it is good to be in a state of thinking that we don’t know it all because as soon as I think I do, I get an awakening. Still … glad you 2 are taking the leap. Planning is a very good thing. I am sure you two have done a lot of that. I hope you both take a brake in a rest God knows is needed. When you two emerge it will be a new day.
    Congratulations on taking a step of joy with a mix of tears for all the years at EUMC.
    God Bless and be with you and Pastor Blake Always.

  2. Anticipation is bubbling. Small bubbles but bubbles and the “rolling boil will cook up”something grand! I am excited for you both!
    I am always interested in the Dinah story. Sending “hot pads” and a new place setting. Corny but I could not just let no comment happen.

  3. Surely your times are in His hands. This takes a lot of energy, but in the long run it will be worth it.
    One day at a time. That’s what He gives us. This is the day that the Lord has made – you all will rejoice and be glad in it! (Retirement can be anything but retirement! Think of it as the ability to say “yes” and “no” with prayer and the Lord’s wisdom.)
    Bless your hearts! Are you taking your writing house with you?!

  4. Congratulations on this next phase in your life. Take a deep breath and know that even though things are changing, good times are ahead for both you and PB!

  5. Jumping is so hard! Often the anticipation is worse then the actual jump; knots in our stomach, sleepless nights, indigestion, the list goes on and on. Thank goodness we have God to turn to and to help us keep ground. A moment of prayer makes a moment of calm so we see the way thru the jump. God is good….All the time!
    I know you both will have great jumps!! 😄

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