Countdown to Liftoff – Day 15

“Early in the morning, Jesus stood on the shore, but the disciples did not realize that it was Jesus. He called out to them, ‘Friends, haven’t you any fish?’ ‘No,’ they answered.” John 21:4-5

Not one bite, all night long.
Every single time they pulled in the heavy nets,
they were empty.

That must have been frustrating for those professional fishermen.
Maybe returning to their former jobs wasn’t a good idea after all.

Then a voice on shore called out, “Hey boys, catch anything?”
It’s hard for a boat full of men to admit that something isn’t working.
A dejected and annoyed “no” carried across the water.

They didn’t know what was coming next.
Jesus had only appeared to them in Jerusalem.
They thought they were beyond His reach up north.
Their futures were unclear.
Everything was confusing.
But Jesus was about to change all that.

If they had been successful that night,
in their own strength and striving,
they might never have gone back to ministry.

Lack of success doesn’t always mean we’re failing.
Sometimes it just means we’re going the wrong direction.

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