Spring Cleaning

It’s a little early for spring cleaning.
But I’m not talking about cleaning closets and cupboards,
washing windows and walls,
or bringing out bedding and blankets to blow in the breeze.

I’m talking about spring cleaning my Bible.

There is a zippered pouch in the back of my Bible cover and it accumulates all kinds of treasures over time, like:

  • handouts from a Sunday school class
  • a quote I jotted down on the back of a grocery list
  • a card that was especially encouraging
  • notes from a sermon
  • drawings and love notes from grandchildren
  • excerpts from books that were meaningful
  • Bible reading plans from the last 5 years
  • lists of prayer requests
  • a newspaper clipping
  • newsletter articles
  • birth announcements and obituaries
  • and prayers — so many prayers

Some are on paper yellowed with age,
others are perfectly preserved and laminated.
Some remind me of a sweet memory,
others I’ve forgotten.
Some still speak to my heart deeply,
others don’t resonate like they once did.

But it’s the piles of prayers that have my attention.
They are such good prayers —
prayers that should be prayed,
not stuck in a zippered pouch to be forgotten.

I’m bringing those slips of prayers out into the light
and giving them a place to land where they can inspire
and prod me into becoming a better pray-er.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

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