So Long

Psalm 119 is so long.
It’s 5 months of study long.
It’s 98 blog posts long.
It’s 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet long.
It’s 47,725 words of reflection long.
It almost outlasted a pandemic.
Psalm 119 is a long song.

My thumbs need a rest so I’m going to say
“So Long”
for a couple of weeks.
Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey.
I hope we all come back to Psalm 119 someday
and remember this sweet time in the Word.
And find more treasure.
There’s always more.


8 thoughts on “So Long

  1. Thanks so much for doing this Dinah! I have gleaned so much wisdom from this study, my Bible automatically opens to this Psalm and I have run out of room to write thoughts on those pages. I will miss not daily reading your blog. Enjoy your rest!

  2. Thank you teacher for the study that helped me focus on Christ and God and learning Hebrew and interpretations of biblical phrases and my role in learning and… so much more! You rest now for you have worked hard.
    Thank you

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