Stanza W

I learned a new word this week — penultimate. It means “next to last”, so this is David’s penultimate section in his long song. Which reminds me once more, this is a song. This stanza seems especially singable, and I’m looking forward to the day David takes the stage on the New Earth and sings Psalm 119 for us. I’d like a front row seat, please.

Psalm 119:161-168

Wily foes are out to get me,
     yet it’s Your words that thrill my heart.

Wild joy springs up from Your promise;
     it’s like finding buried treasure.

While I despise and detest lies,
     I love Your law so very much.

Without fail, I praise You hourly,
     because Your law is so perfect.

Wide is the peace for God-lovers;
     no tripping or bumbling for them.

Waiting for You is no problem;
     I will follow You anywhere.

Whatever You say, I’ll do it;
     I love Your law tremendously.

Wanting to comply with Your words,
     is my way of life — You know that. 


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