Stanza V

Not gonna lie — I’m a little giddy about closing in on the end of this colossal undertaking. Three more weeks and we can say we studied the longest chapter in the Bible together!

Psalm 119:153-160

View my anguish and help me out,
     for I remember what You’ve said.

Vouch for me and pay my ransom;
     give my life a fresh start again.

Villains are far from your rescue;
     they don’t care a whit about You.

Very great is Your kind concern;
     breath new life into this old soul.

Various foes victimize me,
     still I keep my face turned toward You.

Vexed by those who refuse belief,
     I hate how they despise Your laws.

Vital are Your words to my life,
     for they keep me safe and secure. 

Verse upon verse proclaims Your truth,
     every one perfect and timeless.


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