Stanza U

As each week goes by, I’m more and more impressed by David’s writing in Psalm 119. Many scholars believe this psalm was written over a period of years based on verse 9 — “How can a young man keep his way pure?” and verse 175 — “Let me live that I may praise you.”

In my imagination, David sat down to write an octet of lines every year on his birthday, as a present to God. Using the Hebrew alphabet, his ode spanned 22 years. I may be way off, but it’s an intriguing thought. With every year that passed, David grew in his love for God’s word and he kept finding new ways to sing about it.

Psalm 119:145-152

Using a loud voice I cry, “Help!
     God, respond! And I will obey.”

Uttering a yell, I say, “Quick!
     Rescue me and I’ll do my part.”

Up early, I plead for support;
     my only hope is in Your word.

Unable to sleep all night long,
     hour by hour, I think of Your laws.

Unravel my ranting with love;
     put me back together again.

Unrelenting foes lurk nearby;
     they are in their own little world.

Ultimately, You are close by,
     giving me Your honest counsel. 

Under Your teaching all these years,
     I’m confident Your word will last.


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