Stanza J

Another week is here, so that means another section of Psalm 119, another Long Song study, another Hebrew letter, and another favorite word.

There are only four pages of words that start with “J” in my thesaurus, and not many of those seem to fit into biblical language. Evidently, jangle, jingle and jungle weren’t in David’s vocabulary. So brace yourself for Stanza J. I didn’t have much to work with.
If this sounds like I’m making excuses, I am.
If this rewording seems a bit contrived, it is.
If you’re willing to cut me some slack, let’s go!

Psalm 119:73-80

Joints, muscles, skin — Your hands shaped me;
     now help me to study Your ways.

Joy spreads when others observe me;
     they see I pin my hopes on You.

Just and upright are Your commands,
     and so are the trials You allow.

Join me with Your loving comfort,
     based on Your covenant promise.

Jam my life full of Your kindness,
     for I find Your words refreshing.

Judge the haughty who bring me down,
     while I concentrate on Your law.

Jerk the God-lovers toward my path,
     those who know what You’re all about.

Just keep me steady in Your word,
     so I can hold my head up high.


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