Stanza I

Welcome to week 9 of the Long Song Study which is based on Psalm 119 and the Hebrew Aleph-Bet. We are on the letter “I” this week. If you’re new here, I invite you to scroll back to the beginning of this journey.

Along with the Psalmist let’s pray: “Teach me, O Lord.”

Psalm 119:65-72

I know You are good to me, Lord;
     Your word tells it just like it is.

Instruct me to learn and discern,
     for I take in all that You say.

In the past I wandered away,
     but trouble taught me to obey.

Indeed, You and Your acts are good.
     Keep teaching me, I want to learn.

Insolent liars attack me,
     yet I hold on tight to Your truth.

Inside, their hearts are hard and cold;
     Your law keeps my heart soft and warm.

It was good for me to suffer;
     it caused me to pay attention.

Incredibly dear are Your words,
     they are better than piles of cash.



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